New live webcam sex show page added

Hi everyone, I have great news for you today! I use to have a webcam sex page on here. But, I found out that most webcam places really try to weasel a lot of extra money out of you with hidden upsells and all that crap. Since I did not want my readers to get ripped off, I took it down until I could find a webcam place that seemed honest.

Well,,, it took a lot of digging, but I finally found a webcam sex site that has lots of hot transvestites, crossdressers, shemales and ladyboys. It also is an honest company that tells you upfront what the hell your going to get charged. I’m sure you have seen those webcam ads that say join up for FREE! Those are complete, total BULL SHIT! Yes, you can join by giving them all your information and not get charged.

BUT, all you can do is say hi to the performers briefly, that’s it. If you want to see them naked or even talk to them for a while, you have to “go private” with them. THAT’S when you start getting charged per minute. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, you pay and get a real live webcam sex show, something you can’t get anywhere else. You even pick just the one that turns you on the most.

You tell them just what you want them to do and everything. Great, it’s a good deal for your money. But most try to say it’s free, when it’s not. OR they have sneaky up-sells, stupid boxes that are pre-checked and if you don’t uncheck them you get a charge, that’s crap! Well this one is honest, telling you up front what you will be charged, and they don’t try to sneak upsells on you.

It’s called I’m Live, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Now you know from me that it is about the only honest webcam sex site out there. Once you go to the live webcam sex page here, you will see profiles of girls that are online right now. If you click on any you will be taken to that girls profile page. Then if you want to talk and see her do a sex show you just follow the links to sign up.

Yes they will ask for your credit card number, as ALL of them will if you want to see anything. You will not be charged anything at that time, or try to get pushed into paying for some extra crap. THEN you can browse all the girls you want, check out their profile and even chat a bit with them, all free. If you find one you like and want to go into a private room, you push a link on your screen.

Once you do you will be told just how much a minute you will be charged, and you can see a little clock. So you always know exactly how much your going to get charged, and you can stop the show at any time. So, it’s a good deal, and nothing is more hotter than seeing a real live tranny of your dreams. You can even browse all the girls, from teens, lesbians, babes and whatever else. So check it out and see what live webcam sex shows are all about!

Click here for the webcam sex show page!

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