femskin silicone suit now in cheetah style!

cheetah femskin silicone catsuitfemskin silicone female body suit
Well I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and got through Monday ok. Today I thought I’d check back on the femskin people and see what new goodies they have for us crossdressing gals! If you don’t know what a femskin is, you’ve been hiding out too much girl! I made a post about this fantastic suit a while back, CLICK HERE to see it and find out what it’s all about.

Well it turns out that they now have a femskin suit made to look sort of like a cheetah, weeee! Just think of slipping into a skin tight femskin suit and feeling like your a female-cheetah hybrid. Makes me think of those kinky creatures you saw on that sci-fi show Farscape! They made it looking damn sexy too, as the pictures show.

It has a tan/yellow/brown color with black spots on the sides and back. The front, or stomach area is white with pink nipples and pink vagina. It is one piece and seamless for a real life look. You use breast forms or breast implants (not the surgical kind) under the breast so you can make them as big or small as you want. You can get an insertable rectum for the ass area.

What the hell is that you may ask? It means it’s a silicone or plastic hollow that you push up your ass. That way you can be fucked while wearing the suit, cool! They have other neat add-ons too of course. They have something so that you can take a piss inside the suit, that’s a damn good idea! Plus other neat stuff, I’ll give you the link so you can check it all out.

So how much does this cost? Uh,,, well,,,a little more than your wig! The basic femskin cheetah catsuit cost $1,250.00. Then the add-ons cost more, of course. So it can be a strain on your budget. But if your really into this kind of stuff, the femskin is the place to get it. They do quality work, and the crossdressers I’ve heard from that got one love them.

They actually have a line of stuff, from breast forms, silicone hip pads, silicone vagina’s and more, plus the original femskin silicone female body suit of course. No, I don’t make anything by promoting them, and I have no idea how long any of this stuff last before it gets brittle or cracks, if it ever does. So find out for yourself by visiting the silicone femskin female cheetah catsuit page!

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