Crossdresser transformation you tube video

Hello everyone, damn it has been cold down here in Florida! Yeah I know, all you girls up north are crying a river for me,,,not! The whole country has been cold, even down here. I guess it will warm back up in a few days, so I can go out in a t shirt again! Well I have a cool youtube video today I wanted to share with you all.

I’ve seen my share of crossdressers that think they look hot and sexy when,,, well,,, they are not! I’m no Pamela Anderson myself, and I know that. So it’s nice to see girls that had a transformation and look very sexy! In this you tube video there are many different girls that have had a transformation. Now, some are just made up very well.

While others have actually had some surgery done. It does not tell you what ones had what done to themselves. But they all look fantastic, very sexy and very feminine. Also the outfits some wear are to die for! Damn I wish I had lots more money to spend on clothes. Anyway take a look at this you tube crossdresser transformation video, it really shows you how far you can go! 😉

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