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Women having sex with crossdressing men, see the tour at Panty Club 4 Men today!

crossdresser sex with females

Women having sex with crossdressing men, see the tour at Panty Club 4 Men today!

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Hoping to fulfill his dreams and help advance science, Justin Taylor, is placing all his hopes on his lover Professor Amanda Simmons. However the grant that was promised is revoked and the professor must seek a new investor who will fund the project at Amanda’s Country home, providing that he gets some sort of return on his investment.

Shadoman brings you a unique tale of transformation, with a slow pace and filled with plenty of sex and a special alternate ending. This is a 125 page comic in PDF format created from PNG originals along with bonus cover art minus the overlays. Check it out today!

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See the latest sissy comics inside today!

sissy comics!
See the latest sissy comics inside today!

Guest Pictures from Anita TV

Every once in a while I get some fans that ask request. I’m always happy to do what I can for my readers, and this time it was a request from a sexy looking TV named Anita!

She asked if I would put up some pictures of her, and after seeing how hot she looked how could I say no! Anita lives in Austria, and she loves older men over the age of 60.

So enjoy Anita’s pictures, click on them to see the full size image. I hope you have fun seeing yourself on my little site Anita, if you ever take a vacation over to the US look me up! :)

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Ok all my sissy and crossdressing girls, it’s time to showcase another brand new crossdresser sissy porn site! Called My Humble Sissy, it’s a sissy site that features pretty crossdressing sissys in full makup, stockings, panties and dresses with high heels.

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Sexy high heels and crossdresser boots

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One of the things that all crossdressers love to wear are kinky fetish crossdresser boots! Nothing seems as sexy as wearing a 5 inch heel thigh high or knee high boot. The problem most run into is being able to find them in the size we crrossdressers need! Well I have been shopping at Electrique Boutique and they have most in our size!

Electrique Boutique has hundreds of different types of kinky high heels, platform shoes, thigh high boots, knee high boots and many other types of shoes and boots. They also carry them in many different colors, from black to pink, red, yellow, white and more.

But the best thing is they carry most of them up to a size 16! If you don’t know what size boot or shoe to get in a ladies size, it’s normally two sizes larger than your mens size. So most crossdressers can find the size they need at Electrique Boutique and not be disappointed.

So check them out for not only boots and high heels but also the best in naughty outfits, sex toys, corsets, wigs, lingerie and lots more at Electrique Boutique. Your sure to find something kinky you want inside!

Kinky leather corsets for sexy crossdressers

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From: Flirty Lingerie

I have so many crossdresser pages in this site that many don’t even know what I have! A lot of crossdressers love corsets. Corsets are a good way to give you a more shapely figure, loose that belly gut and just plain looks sexy! Plus it’s a kinky thrill to have one on. Leather corsets are by far the most popular to look the sexiest and feel the naughtiest!

The one above is a hot popular leather corset from Flirty Lingerie. They have hot corsets, lingerie, heels, kinky boots, sex toys and much more. They have a large selection of leather corsets, and I made a page of the top sellers in my shopping mall here. So if you want a sexy leather corset click the one above to check it out, or go to my leather corset page to see many more!

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New crossdresser heels, clothes, toys & more in the mall!

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Hi everyone! Today I wanted to let you know about 3 brand new sections in the crossdresser shopping mall! I found a great place called All Heels For Men that has sexy high heels and kinky fetish boots for us crossdressing gals. They have them in sizes up to 17, so yes you will find a size that fits you, something that is always a problem elsewhere.

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Next we have a place called Cross-Dress. They have a great variety of everything we crossdressers need. Wigs, makeup, gaffs, clothes, breast forms, hormones, jewelry, lingerie, shoes and lots of other great items. You can find just about everything here, so it’s nice to be able to get so much in one place, make sure you check it out!

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Finally we have a great full sex toy store! I’ve been meaning to add one, and I finally have. It has hundreds of every type of sex toys, bondage devices, DVD’s, strap-ons, whips and much more inside. So make sure you check it out and find all the cool toys you can’t live without!

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Well everyone, I thought it was time to add another section to the shopping mall, and I wanted it to be a good one. This time I have some very high quality sissy maid outfits and uniforms! They are made by The Sissy Store, and they have over 50 different sissy maid dresses. They have them in all colors too, not just plain old black and white.

You can find red ones, blue, purple, pink, almost whatever you want. They also are far higher quality than the ones you find inside a costume shop. These babies are made from quality satin, silk and lace, with lots of details, ruffles and bows. The outfits include a petticoat and apron, with some having a few other accessories.

So they are a good deal as well as being top quality. You just can’t find sissy maid outfits like these anywhere else. What’s more is they have hundreds of other crossdresser and sissy clothes. Tops, skirts, costumes, catsuits, panties, heels and more. So check them out and get a custom sissy maid outfit today!

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Crossdresser transformation you tube video

Hello everyone, damn it has been cold down here in Florida! Yeah I know, all you girls up north are crying a river for me,,,not! The whole country has been cold, even down here. I guess it will warm back up in a few days, so I can go out in a t shirt again! Well I have a cool youtube video today I wanted to share with you all.

I’ve seen my share of crossdressers that think they look hot and sexy when,,, well,,, they are not! I’m no Pamela Anderson myself, and I know that. So it’s nice to see girls that had a transformation and look very sexy! In this you tube video there are many different girls that have had a transformation. Now, some are just made up very well.

While others have actually had some surgery done. It does not tell you what ones had what done to themselves. But they all look fantastic, very sexy and very feminine. Also the outfits some wear are to die for! Damn I wish I had lots more money to spend on clothes. Anyway take a look at this you tube crossdresser transformation video, it really shows you how far you can go! 😉

Femskin, full body silicone female body suit makers interview

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HI everyone, I have an exclusive article for you all today! First I need to fill anyone in who may not know what Femskin is. Femskin is the name of a company that makes silicone prosthetics for the transgender community. They make a full body female silicone suit, as well as breast forms, hip pads, vagina’s and more, even special effect silicone products.

They are based in Wildwood, Florida. It’s a small town with lots of country roads about one hour north of Orlando. I live in Orlando, so I decided to contact them and try to get an interview with them. It turns out that they have never let anyone see their operation before. They are working on new products and ready to expand, so they agreed to let me come out and see what they are all about!

I happened to pick a day that was raining out, not a great day but it was the only one I could schedule. I was surprised how rural the area was. I really had no idea what to expect, it’s not often I go to see some guys that make silicone boobs and suits! Finally I turned into the place on my directions. Continue reading this post…