Resources & Information

Welcome to Bilinda”s resource page for transsexuals, cross dressers & transvestites

There is a lot of information out there for Transgenders, you just have to look. On this page I have listed sources of information we need. Legal sites and the latest news on the law. Help sites for us, forums to talk to others, clubs you can join, doctors who specialize in transsexuals, entertainment sites and more. I hope this page is useful to you!

medical & surgery sites

Transgender care
A very big site for all types of feminizing surgery

medical site for transgender procedures

Site for treatment of gender identity disorders

provides information on health and fitness for trans people

GID Reform Advocates
Calling for reform of the classification of gender
diversity as mental disorder

Advanced Centre for Plastic Surgery

Florida based plastic surgery clinic

Dr. James Reardon
transgender surgery male to female or female to male


Miss international goddess
A beauty pageant for transgenders!

Drag on line
Uh, I can’t describe it, just go check it out!

The Parliament House
Gay and Transgender club right here in Orlando,
Florida, this is where I hang out!

General Transgender information

A state by state guide to TG help

Gay & lesbian human rights org.

Organisation Intersex International
A site for better understanding of intersex people

Very well known site for family & friends of gays & all Transgenders

A site dedicated to better understanding for parents of gays and transgenders

A site for discussing all types of TG issues

TG dreams
State by state guide to Transgender Therapist
Large directory of Transsexual sites

Transgender Blogs
A Transgender blog directory

A cool blog directory for gays, bi’s & transgenders

A very large directory of great blogs

Blog search directory
A really cool place for blogs

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Transgender forums

Genderlife forum

Many subjects covered here

Susan’s place Transgender forums
Very active forum for all kinds of Transgenders

Transgender chat room
Cool place for chatting about all Transgender issues

The Transgender Boards
Free forum and chat rooms for the TG

TG dreams forum
Big forum for all issues of TG’s

Transgender books & magazines

CDS bookstand
Lots of publications for transgenders

Transgender Tapestry
Magazine for & about all things TG

WayOut Products
One of the biggest publishers of book and mags for all types of TG

Transgender law & workplace sites

Transgender Law and Policy Institute
A site that post latest news and work place laws

National Center for Transgender Equality

Pushes empowerment for TG’s

Human rights campaign
site for gays and transgenders for a better world

working for the advancement of TG workplace rights

Pride at work
Site working for equal rights for gays & Transgenders in the workplace

a site for transgendered law enforcement officers

Site for TG legal rights

advocate for gender identity inclusion in state, federal, and local anti-discrimination policies

activism site for Transgenders & gays

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund committed to ending discrimination based upon gender identity

Transgender dating and meeting places

FREE Transgender Personals for Transsexuals and Admirers to Find Love, Dating and Friendship.