Transgender pregnant man?

NO I don’t have a picture for this post, I had no idea what to get for one. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the guy who is pregnant? At first I thought it was another tabloid story. But I kept hearing about it and decided to dig deeper.

As is often the case, there is a LOT more to the story. The man in question is Thomas Beatie, who is married and lives in Oregon, USA. Now most who have heard this say “how does a man get pregnant, how can he”? Well, he used to be a she!

It turns out he was born a female by the name of Tracy. Later on when he decided he really was a man and had sex reassignment surgery, he elected to keep his female reproductive organs. I had no idea you could even do that! But if you feel you are a man, why would you want to keep your most female parts?

His wife Nancy has had a hysterectomy, so when they decided they wanted a child they looked into if he could carry a baby. Naturally they have been faced with lots of negative reactions. A lot of people in the transgender community are kind of cringing about the whole thing.

They feel this will be one of those things that make the whole transgender community look like a freak show and so on. I just don’t understand someone that could feel so strongly about wanting to be the opposite sex, yet keep the organs of the sex they once were.

So in my book he is not a man, not a full man. Which brings up another question, where does the line get crossed now? More and more the differences between the two sexes is getting really blurry. Now hey, I wear pink panties so who am I to talk!

But I have no desire to change sex. If I did, I would want to change 100%, or at least as much as currently possible. But what he did was actually chose to keep his female parts and still become a male. He seems to be a bit confused about who he wants to be.

Well, they have determined that he really is pregnant. So I hope all goes well and they have a healthy baby. But he really needs to look inside and try to find out who he really wants to be.

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