Transgender female mask

Sorry I did not post the other day, too much going on! I STILL have not heard from anyone about that uniform for Ashley. Don’t you care about the poor disappointed kids? I will find one, even if I have to make it myself. Anyways, speaking of hot looking babes, I came across this youtube video for female mask for transgenders and crossdressers.

Actually if you search on youtube for female mask you get quite a few. I picked this one because it really gives a close, detailed look at how a quality female mask can be. I wonder how many transgenders ever use a female mask? If you think you can put one on and become a hot babe that looks perfect, think again.

Yes, the mask can be very lifelike and very beautiful. But, they are still just a mask. That means no moving facial expressions. Kind of like a Hollywood blond, ya know? So you can look nice, but after only a few minutes of looking at someone wearing one you can tell it’s a mask. No mouth movement, no eyebrow movement, nothing. Just as plastic as a politician!

So I have to wonder why you would get a female mask. I suppose for those that want to look as close as a woman as they can in private it would be a kick. If I had money to throw away I’d get one just for the heck of it. Or for halloween,,, hey that’s what I can wear for that party with Ashley! Then she can’t see my mouth drop open when she bends over in that uniform.

Some of the female mask are bald, so you can put your own wig over it. Some come with hair attached. Most have a type of permanent makeup on, complete with lipstick. I would think you would want to do that yourself, that way you can change it when you want.

As for price for a female mask, well,, they are not cheap! A really good one can set you back $400 bucks or so. A cheap one can be had for around $60.00 but they look,,, cheap. As for where you can get them, you can try googling female mask. Some of the big transgender stores carry them.

This link takes you right to them at this store, and no I don’t make anything from them, so click here. My, you can now look like a total woman naked. A female mask, silicone boobs and even a fake vagina. It’s just that,,, nothing moves!!!!!

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