Sissy boy crossdressers

sissy boy crossdresser

Well lets see what the heck Bilinda is up to tonight, huh? I don’t have to cook dinner for the girls tonight, so I am getting things done, One of them is this post. I thought I’d write about a sub-niche in the crossdresser label, or maybe it falls under transvestite, I’m not sure. There are some crossdressers that have what I suppose should be called a fetish, called sissy boy.

What this is, is a fantasy of forced feminization. That means the dream of a girl, maybe their wife, girlfriend or a mistress, forcing them to get all dressed up in pretty girly clothes. Also forced to put on makeup, wig, the whole works. Then they are their slave, doing whatever their master tells them. It’s a lot like femdoms, or dominatrixes. The difference is the dress up girly part.

Now it can be part of a sexual theme, being that the outcome will end in sex. Or it can just be that the sissy boy is forced to be a girl for a while, maybe do some chores or something. What the hell fun is that! If your going to go through all that, hold out for a sexual payoff. I suppose gay men might do this same thing if they have this fetish. So what do I think of it?

Oh sure, always want to know what I think huh? Well as far as any right or wrong, there is none. It’s a fetish, which when you think about it can be almost anything. As long as all the girls, boys or whatever doing it are not REALLY forced, then anything goes. Actually I think it sounds a bit exciting!

If my two lesbians roommates told me to dress all up, ordered me around and then said they demand a wild time with me in the sack, I’d be in heaven! Actually they already do the order me around part, but somehow that’s not fun without the other part. So yes, I can see where they are coming from, it’s a take off from the whole bondage, femdom, slave boy stuff, just as a sissy boy.

If I ever get someone who likes to do that I would go along with it, no matter what way it went. Maybe even get some horsey reins and whip, weeeee! So, if your a sissy girl or sissy boy, I’m not sure what is the right word, I understand. Your not alone, and there are many of you perv,, uh,, people out there like that.

Just so you know, I AM sort of seeing someone, so please don’t send me messages saying “Bilinda, I’d love to get together and help you see what the whole sissy boy thing is all about sweety!” So it’s thanks, I’m flattered, but no thanks! I think I’ll go and see what the girls are up to, see if they want to boss someone around!

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  1. panty boy needs someone to tranform from boy to girl