Married men who cross-dress

crossdresser high heels Wow, what a lovely day in Orlando it was today! After this post I’m going out to take a jog. Sorry, I don’t mean to rub it in if you live up north. THIS is why I came down here! Anyway I wanted to make this post about married men who cross dress.

Now, I have never been married, so I may not qualify to say much about this. But I have been doing a lot of research, and this is what I found out. It seems like quite a few middle age, married men with kids cross dress. No one has any real percentages, but I have heard anywhere from one in six to one in ten.

I think most had always been cross dressers, or thought about it. Maybe they did a little when they where young, or had thoughts about it. Then they get caught up in the big rush to succeed in business, they fall in love, get married, have the kids, and suddenly they are middle age. 

Now, they are more at ease with themselves, life has slowed down a bit, the kids are gone to school and bunny will not be home for another 2 hours. Hhhmmm, I’d love to find out what that teddy I bought for bunny feels like, and maybe those black pantyhose! So they start cross dressing a bit.

Some find that cross dressing is a nice way to let off steam, pretend they are a little girl with no worries. Maybe being a tough lawyer takes it’s toll, and it feels so good to let go and feel vulnerable in lace stockings and a skirt. Yes, there are some who get a sexual high from it, a little role playing. For others there is nothing sexual about it.

Of course the big thing with cross dressing when you are married is having the kids or your wife find out. “Oh hi Tommy, uh,, check out the outfit I’m going to wear for this Halloween! What,, yes I know it’s 5 months away, go do your homework!” Most cross dressing men would like to tell their wife’s, and hope that they would understand.

So, to tell or not to tell, that is the question. Every marriage is different, as is every woman. Some have been very supportive, realizing that their man is the same one they always have been. They are not cheating on them, not some weirdo, they just like to put on nice, pretty clothes! Some even go so far as to go out to clubs with their husbands cross dressed, and it even adds some spice to the old sex life!

BUT, for every wife that understands there is one or two more that totally flips out. “What kind of perverted sicko did I marry! You must be cheating on me, you must be gay, you must want to be a woman.” Ouch! Yes, that is your worst nightmare I know.

Cross dressing has led to divorce, losing your job, losing your kids. All because you just want to wear a skirt and some pantyhose for a few hours! Damn, you could kill someone and be treated better. Of course there is the family and in-laws to think about to.

So, my suggestion to any cross dresser who is married and wants to let their wife know is, try it realllll slow! Maybe when you are intimate kind of kidding put on her bra or panties and see what her reaction is. Bring up a news article about cross dressing and see what she has to say.

Cross dressing is much more out now then ever before, but it still is something that the “other” person does. If you have any doubts as to if your wife would be open minded about it, keep it to yourself, Unless your willing to face the worst case scenario. If, on the other hand you happen to have an understanding wife, the joys of sharing it with her is fantastic!

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