Applying lipstick for crossdressers

applying lipstick for crossdressers

Every crossdresser wants full, pouty, kiss me now lips! Watching women do it looks so easy, then you try it. Not so easy is it. Making a males lips look good are hindered by two things, most of us have thin lips, and most have dry lips. But if your willing to practice, a LOT, it can be done. I’m not a pro, but I’ll tell you what I know.

First thing is, make damn sure your lips are not really dry. The reason is much more than you think. When I started to do it, I had really dry lips. I put the lipstick on, kept it on for, oh 3 hours or so. During that time my dry lips ABSORBED THE LIPSTICK! So when it came time to take it off,,, AAHHHHH! I could not get it all off.

I frantically scrubbed and washed for a long time, thinking of good excuses for work tomorrow (oh this, it’s cool-aid, I drink it all the time). So, do one of two things. Apply some lip moisturiser on your lips, or put a thin coat of chap stick over them. Ok now that you have done that, you will need these:

Alrighty now, start with a basic lipstick color, like dark red or muted pink until you get the hang of things. Your lip liner should be the same or a bit darker than your lipstick. Starting at the top of your lip curve draw a line just outside your lip down to the corner, then down to the center of your lip on the other side. Do both sides. Then do the same for your lower lip, making sure you follow the edge. The lower lip you can just go right across end to end.

Not as easy as it sounds huh? Practice will make it better. Expect your first few times to look like a clown! The lip liner will help “hold” the lipstick inside your lip boarder. Ok now get your lipstick applicator. This handy little brush is much easier to apply the lipstick than just the tube. It makes it last longer too. Dab the brush onto the end of the lipstick, not too much. Than start at the top of your upper lip and work toward the corners, doing each side. Then the bottom lip.

Now, try not to put lipstick too far in where your lips come together. I did that and I walked around with red teeth for a while! Stop where you can’t see your lip when you close them. Take your time, you can’t rush it. Blend the lipstick a bit into the liner color. Once you know how to do this, then you can experiment with using more “wild” colors, or lip gloss, which tends to run a bit more than normal lipstick.

Use a good brand name, not crap. It will make things much easier. Many use MAC cosmetics, but they are a bit pricey. Other brand names are fine. Just don’t use crayola crayons! Once your ready to take it off, use a good lipstick remover or makeup remover. Trying to use just a wet paper towel is not going to work. I hope you find this useful. If you forget the first tip I gave about dry lips, walk in to work the next day with a cup of kool-aid in your hand!

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