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  1. Hi
    Just found your site and thought some of your members may like to share my experiences.
    As a child brought up just after the war in Edinburgh I attended a prep school from the age of five, the uniform was optional but around 80% of the pupils, all boys wore kilts, I was no exception as I had always worn one for church and Sunday School and it seemed totally natural. Of course at thet age I also wore the regulation grey shorts which were about all you could get just after the war. Underwear was also a problem as clothing was on ration and sooner than wear the itchy woollen drawers made for boys I opted to wear my big sisters hand me down blue school knickers, of course at theat time there was no sexual conotation, they were just more comfortable and of course were of no cost.
    The school I attended did well academically and I recieved a scholarship to a very good grammar school at 11 which as it had a connection still continued to encourage the wearing of the kilt and when I first changed for games during my first term was surprised to find quite a lot of the other boys also wore the same blue or sometimes green knickers that I did.
    We had to wear shorts for games but wore them over our underwear and none of the boys seemed to care what sort of underwear you wore.
    As I got older it seemed less and less of the boys were still wearing the old blue knickers until it became apparent I was one of very few who still wore them, we most us still wore the kilt as a matter of course but most boys had changed to white Y fronts which were just starting to appear but somehow I liked mu blue knickers so I carried on.
    We had a sister school with girl pupils, co ed’s were unheard of in those days and we socialized quite a lot and I became very friendly with a girl about 2 yrs older than I and we started to go around together, it was mainly walks or the occasional visit to a coffee bar but just sometimes we would save up and go to the Saturday Matinee at the local cinema.
    Although she knew at school I wore exactly the same underwear as she did it was never discussed but one day she dared me to go to the cinema dressed as she put it” like a true Scot” I of course knew what she meant and the thrill of leaving the house with nothing between me and my rapidly developing manhood was thrill, I relished the freedom it gave me.
    When we got settled during the first interval she asked me if I had won my bet, I remember telling her she would have to find out as I had no intention of lifting my kilt in a cinema.
    The lights went down and soon afterwards a small hand crept up my thigh and encountered a pretty respectable erection.
    We continued to date usually with me “regulation” and we both loved it but I still enjoyed wearing my blue school knickers.
    I went off to University and continued to wear my kilt and she went to study nursing in Glasgow, I had many girlfriends and most loved the kilt all loved me to go “regulation” but I continued to wear my knickers.
    About three years later we met up again and it was clear the old affection was still there and we started to date and one evening after a drunken night in the students bar we went back to my grotty little bed sit and she asked me if I had ever considered wearing more than just knickers and a kilt. Up to this time it had never crossed my mind, I was Scottish and had worn a kilt since I was 6 yrs old but the thought intrigued me so I agreed to try her suggestion.
    The next w/e she turned up with a bag and proceeded to lay out a complete girlie outfit, bra, knickers, very small and frilly, nothing like the ones I was used to wearing, a roll on girdle, girls wore them back in the fifties and a pair of stockings.
    I hadn’t a clue how to put all this stuff on although I had removed it a ew times, so she dressed me, all the time loving it, a couple of cleverly cut bath sponges made for some pretty convincing bra padding and a nice knee length full skirt and a pretty white blouse completed the look. I managed to squeeze into a pair of strappy low heel sandals and felt great, of course we couldn’t let any one see me like this but I regularly dressed for her for about 2 yrs and as we got bolder and I became more assured we even ventured out in the evenings, I let my hair grow unfashionably long and she would style it for me and put on a little make up and in the evening light we passed as a couple of girls just out on the town.
    Whenever we had one of these excursions our sex life was amazing, Shiela liked me to take her to bed still wearing most of my underwear .
    I continued to waer my kilt right up until I graduated, I got a good degree and was offered a post in Government Dept. in London and sadly had to start wearing a suit and tie.
    I still wear it from time to time but rarely these days.
    Shiela married and moved to Canada but I think fondly of those far of days of the fifties and sixties.
    I hope this is of interest to maybe a few of you members