Full body female skin silicone suit

full body female skin silicone suit for crossdressers

So how did your weekend go? Mine was boring, work and more work. The girls did not go out partying, so Ashley was no fun! Well i thought I’d show you this neat suit to perk up your Monday! There is a company in Florida, where I am, that now makes full body silicone female suits for transgenders / crossdressers.

The picture above is a female impersonator wearing one of the female suits. No that’s not real, take a close look, down, way down, between the legs, see, it’s not real! But it’s about as close to real as any silicone suit can be. They make these female suits out of a rubber like silicone that is very stretchy.

Once you slip into it, the silicone molds to your body. They even make very soft breast forms to go into the suit, and even hip and butt silicone slabs that stick to your body so it fills out the suit just right. The vagina part is hand painted, and the suit comes in different skin tones!

They make it two ways. You can have them cut it right in halve so you have a top and bottom part. Or you can have it a full one piece suit that has a U shaped opening in the back you squeeze into. Ok you say, I want one, how much does it cost?

Well, you might want to save up a bit. Female silicone suits are hard to find you know! A basic female suit will set you back about $1,600. Now if you want some options they have, the price can go all the way up to $3,000. What kind of options do they have?

Well, you can buy the female breast forms, hip and butt forms. Then they have something that lets you pee while your wearing the suit. That’s always a good idea! Next is a tube that goes,,uh,,down your hole number 2, ok? That’s for if you wanted to wear it in the bedroom, you can figure out the rest!

But I must say, that damn thing must get so hot! I can’t see how it’s breathable, so it would trap all your moisture inside. Put on a female mask and your one big rubber doll! I really don’t see why a transgender or crossdresser would want one. It’s not very practical.

I suppose if I had money to burn I’d buy it, why not? I could make a neat youtube video with one! But to each his own, right. So if you want to find out more, or just take a look, because they do have a lot of pictures of all their products that are pretty neat, then here’s the info.

The name of the company is Femskin. You can go to their website here: female body suit. So check it out and look at all the neat stuff they have. If anyone buys one, You HAVE to tell us all what it’s like to wear one!


  1. Bill,

    You dig up some of the most interesting things… I promise if I get one you will be the very first one to know. My only questions are: Just how big do they make those suits? and Just how much stretch do those suits have?

    Randy :)

  2. Randy,
    I just received my femskin body suit. I’m 5’10” and 155lbs. It fits a bit loose on me. If u r 6’+ tall, and about 175lbs., I think it would fit quite well. Over that, and it would fit tighter. Which is not bad news, because it stretches like crazy! I was worried about it tearing as I slipped my shoulders thru the neck hole. But it handled that with no problem. It’s made of an incredible material!

  3. Why thank you so much for letting us know about the suit Docrobbysherry! I know you from that new board I’ve been visiting. Glad that is seems to be working for you. Did you get any options with it, I heard it comes with extras if you want. How about the heat, does it get hot fast in it? Thanks again for sharing.

  4. Great in the femme skins!

  5. The Femskin have arms?

  6. Which your opinion on Seamless Top Half Femskin?

  7. The Femskin has me so very courious and

    i`m only 5`4″ so from what I heard at that size it may fit well and yes
    i agree what about heat it be a few more months and
    i will get one so then
    i can let you all know
    huggs and