Forced sissy feminization art, drawings and stories

forced crossdresser feminization

It’s TGIF time! Yes the weekend is here, and I thought I’d show you some great forced sissy crossdresser art. This place is called Forced Crossdresser Fantasies and it’s a fantastic place with over 1,400 high quality sissyboy images and artwork. They draw everything from sissification, bondage, humiliation, forced crossdressing and feminization plus more. Oh yes, they write cool sissyboy crossdressing stories too!

sissy crossdresser sissification

How it all works is you join up as a member for a low price. Then you can see everything they have inside. You can also request drawings and stories, which is really neat! Drawings, illustrated stories, poster galleries, short stories and much more is here, with new drawings and stories added every week!

You just can’t find forced sissy crossdressing art like this anywhere else, and great sissy stories are hard to come by. So go check it out, they have sample drawings you can look at and so on before you become a member. You will love the forced crossdresser art, sissy slut training drawings and forced sissification stories! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I found is hard to show in real-life what the fantasy is, but with drawings it becomes easier and more pronounced. So, yoiu need more drawings.

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  3. When I was thirdteen my naughtiness became my enemy. My mother had
    all she could take of my nasty attitude toward my sisters. One was older than me and the other 4 years younger.
    I had just tossed my ball in the house and it hit mom’s favorite lamp and it chashed to the floor in a million pieces.
    My mother came into the room and pointed to my bedroom and was told to stay there untill she came back.
    When she came back she told me to follow her she walked into Tina’s room who was my big sister. Mother told me to strip and do it fast. I was to slow for her because both of my sisters were there so I felt her belt strike my butt. I worked faster and was soon naked. My sisters laughed at me and my mother told me to stop covering up my penis. I removed my hands as she handed a pair of pink cotton panties that had little flower on themshe handed them to my yougest sister Milly. She opened them and held them open for me to step into them. Tears ran down my face as they were pulled up over my ass. Then my sister Tina out a training bra on me it was followed by a dress that looked like the one Shirly Tempel wore in her childhood movies. Then it was socks and shoes that belonged to Milly.
    My mother said that boys play with balls in the house and they break things so she handed me a pink teddy bear. Tears still fell from my red cheeks.
    I was told if I wanted to go out and play I could but I had to wear these clothes untill mother felt I could be a good boy.

    That night I was getting ready for bed and mother and my two sisters came into my room MIlly handed me a baby doll PJ set. I took them and put them on; I had found it was no good to argue with them.

    I carried the teddy bear ever where i went. My mom said i should pee before going to bed. I started to stand up and do my business. Her belt struk my thigh I quickly sat down like a girl does.
    AS I got into bed mother layed out my clothes for the next day it was shorter than the one I wore today. I awoke the next day and went down to eat with just the PJs on. I had sat down at the table before i noticed that my aunt and her two daughters were standing there. I quickly tried to cover up before they could see me. Mother made me stand so they could see what a little sissy looked like. I had to turn and walk away from them and then back to them. MY aunt said that it did not take much time to change my attitude.
    On Momday I was allowed to wear boys clothes to school but panties were under my clothes. They were hot pink so i had to watch that if i squated down to get a ball noone would see them. Gym class was the hardest to hide my shame because all the guys took showers together. I was almost clear but Tommy Sanders saw them and started telling the others I dressed quick and went for the door only to be stopped by the quarter Back of the football team. He told me to undress. I did not have a chance of getting away so i striped. They all started teasing me and clling me Nancy. Man did I blush as they taunted me. They all started talking about how good of cock sucker I would be just about then the couch walked in and broke up there fun. I explanied to him why i was wearing them and he said I could skip Gym untill I was allowed to dress as a boy. I am now 26 and I still think of those days it was bad but it was good. Now my wife is the one that makes me dress as her maid or slut.

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