Fake crossdresser / transgender vagina’s revisited

crossdresser vagina So how did your weekend go dear? Have any fun, go to any parties? Me and the girls had a lot of fun, but I’ll tell you all about it some other day. I was checking my stats in my blog today. A while back I made a post about where to get fake vagina’s for transgenders and crossdressers. (yes I know those two words are the same but I want to use both for the search function).

If you want to read it again or are looking for information about fake vagina’s you can find it HERE. Well anyway I looked at all the search strings that people have used to find my little site here. I was surprised to find almost 50 different search strings for fake vagina’s!

My, I know everyone likes real vagina’s, but fake ones! Well, I do have one of those,,,,uh,,,well that’s not what these people are looking for! These people were looking for realistic vagina’s made for transgenders and crossdressers. So lets see some of the search words, shall we?

I’m not going to list a whole lot, but here is the top 9:

crossdresser vagina
fake vagina
transexual vaginas
vaginas for crossdressers
fake vaginas for crossdressers
crossdressing vaginas
fake vaginas
strap on fake vagina
transgender vaginas

Those are the actual search terms they used. Do you see any that look familiar? Maybe you searched yourself and that’s why your here reading this now huh? Well if so many of you want to find those sweet fake vagina’s then Bilinda is here to help.

I pretty much explained the whole thing in the other post, so click on that link I made above to read it. I did go back to the stores that carry them and tried to see if they have anything new. One of them really has been busy trying so hard to make vagina’s look so darn real for us!

Now the picture above is SUPPOSE to be a real picture of one of the vagina’s they carry. But I don’t know, that is one damn good fake mother if it is! They have some that fit like underwear, skin tight so it hides everything. Some can even be used like the real thing!

I guess you can’t crossdress any better than that. Ok your saying, enough already where do they carry them? Well I’ll give a link to one in the USA and one in the UK. Actually those are the only two stores I know of that carry fake vaginas. The one in the UK seems to have some much more realistic than the other one.

Anyway the one in the USA is The Fantasy Girl. They have several different types. Most of them seem to be the type you wear like a bikini bottom. They make them one at a time by hand, with or without hair on them.

Now the other one is Transformation in the UK. They have a lot of stuff that is very lifelike, including the store staff! Ok bad joke, but really I’m not sure how true those pictures are. They carry a lot of stuff, so I am sure they are one of the best for lots of fake parts for transgenders.

Sooo, if you found yourself here because you searched for fake vagina’s, then go to the link above to learn more about them. If you just want to go to where you can buy them, see the two store links above. If you were searching for a different kind of fake vagina,,, and yes I know what you mean,,,I highly recommend the one that sounds like flashlight!!


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  2. My dear wife passed away 13mths ago,so now being on my own I can fullfill a long held desire to dress in female clothes.I am not a pet lover but a ‘Pussy’ would do me fine,a shaven haven or a hairy muff,

  3. im 22 years old and have boobs and the best thing is they are natural!!!! the doctor said that my boobs have the exact same structure and makeup as a female breast and they said that i should even watch out for lactation, is it normal to naturally grow size 36d titts? if not then im glad i have, id play with them all day every day if i could. im quite litterally a titty guy.