crossdressing on vacation

crossdressing on vacation

HI everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Although I must say there sure is a lot of bad stuff going on all over the world right now. Well, how do you like my new header image? Now personally I liked the other one, I thought my picture was good.

But the brown couch made it a bit dark. And, some transgenders don’t like that kind of “cheeky” display, something someone even told me. So I figured it was time for a brighter one that was fun but tasteful. I’m not done with it yet, the two pictures on each side are blurry. When I get new pictures I’ll put those in place of the others.

So now that I’m going on vacation, it crossed my mind about if I was going to bring any of my “fem” items. I will be staying with my mom, visiting family and friends, in Vermont. So, I don’t think that would be a great idea! No my family does not know I crossdress. But what about other crossdressers?

I suppose it depends on the type of crossdresser you are. Now if your a transsexual and you go out all the time as the other gender then it’s a no brainer. But what if your a crossdresser? Then it comes down to how much you go out crossdressed, if at all. Those that already go out crossdressed would of course also take a vacation in fem mode.

In fact that would be a real fun thing to do, going to a new place, where no one knows you and going out in your feminine finest stuff! Hell if your single maybe you’ll even get lucky! I never seem to have that happen no matter how I’m dressed. Of course if it’s more of a family vacation,,, well that can be awkward if your not out!

It all depends on where your going, how well you know the area and if your alone or with family. Getting your bag of frilly stuff searched at the airport can be embarrassing too. My two lesbian friends that work at FedEx ship a box of stuff right to their hotel room, smart! Of course they did that because the stuff in the box contained toys, and I’m not talking hot wheel cars!!

So it all comes down to how much you try to pass, if you even do, and if you even want to. I’m sure a lot do and have lots of fun, and I think that’s great. But others just don’t want to, just as they don’t want to try to pass as a woman. I’ll be leaving Bilinda home this time, but I’ll really look forward to seeing her when I get back!

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