crossdressers who get caught crossdressing

getting caught when your crossdressing

My, doesn’t that man look charming in that picture, a beer in one hand, a fairy wand in the other! Not sure if he’s gay or a crossdresser. Well, he could be both! Yes getting caught while your dressed, that is crossdressing, must be one of the biggest fears of a crossdresser. Since I’m talking about it I’ll tell you my close calls.

Now I only have been crossdressing for three years, and almost all this time it’s been while living with my two lesbian roommates. So I have it pretty safe here. There has been maybe 3 or 4 people that showed up at the house when I was crossdressed, all of them friends of the girls.

The people that stopped by when I was dressed were other lesbians, so they just laughed about it, told me how sexy my legs are and that was about it! It was actually a bit of a turn on. Kelly’s brother and boyfriend have seen me several times. Yes they are gay, no nothing happened!

But one time I wanted Ashley to take some pictures of me crossdressed outside. I had on cutoff jean shorts, I mean REALLY cut off jean shorts! Then high heels and a cute tight top with my padded bra on. We went out to the driveway, we have a long driveway with her truck in it. Just as I walked out to the driveway behind her truck the people across the street came out.

Now I was behind the truck, but it was bright daylight out, me in my wig and makeup. I kind of leaned back on the truck, trying to make myself small. They never said anything but I am sure they saw a little. Just enough to make them think I’m a nut case I’m sure! We’ve never talked to them anyways, so now it’s a sure thing.

So that really was nothing. But what happens if your out on your back porch, fully dressed when your neighbor suddenly appears around the side of your house? Or maybe you went into the living room where you have a glass door and suddenly your staring at the ups man? So what the heck do you do when your crossdressing and you get caught?

Well, if your really good with your makeup you can just say your the Avon lady! No? Hmmm, how about acting like your in a real hurry and say “sorry got to go, I’m late for that costume party!”. Don’t think they will bite? Well then, your screwed, LOL! No no, sorry, I know it’s not funny, hehe.

The thing to do is, don’t blow it up to more than it is. Also accept the fact that you’ve been caught. It’s over, done, finished, so relax. Being all flustered will just make the other person think it’s a big deal. Now, if it was the ups man, mailman, people like that, sure it’s embarrassing, but not that bad. Just act like you don’t care. Hey, it’s your house, you can do whatever you want!

Now, if it’s a good friend, or close neighbor, well, then I guess you need to tell them a little about what your doing, that you crossdress a bit. Again don’t make it seem like a big deal, because it’s not. You can do what you want in your house. Don’t get all “well let me tell you all about crossdressing”. No, just be brief, say yeah I like to crossdress from time to time, think I look pretty!

The more you make it like it’s really nothing much, they will not make it into a big deal. Now for the big one, what if you get caught crossdressing by your spouse or partner? Well, I’m single, so I can’t really say much about that one. It all depends on how understanding they are, if maybe they already kinda knew, all sorts of things.

I do think you should be honest, don’t try to hide it or say “I swear this is the first time I ever did this, even if my makeup does look better than yours”! No just say it’s time for a talk, and try to talk things over. This point may be a good idea to find out about some of those help and support groups for crossdressers, I even have some post on a few.

So just remember, don’t get all flustered, don’t make it a big deal. Take it a step at a time, and only react accordingly to who it was that saw you. Good luck, and I hope it all works out for the best. But I would at least try that Avon lady bit first!!

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