Crossdressers going out in public

crossdressers who go out

Ok ladies, how many of you that are crossdressers go out? By out I mean that you crossdress, at least a bit, in public. Maybe you dress all up and go out to the nightclub, or perhaps just the local pub? Maybe you dress up and go out shopping. Maybe you like to dress up when you go food shopping!

If you do, I think that’s great. You have the balls, so to speak, to go out there the way you want to and damn what anyone thinks. So, do you think that all crossdressers should? Do you think that it should be the goal of every crossdresser to work your way up to going out in public crossdressed, or to try to pass as a girl?

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot of crosdressers that try to push, maybe a little too much, other crossdressers to go out in public. Some seem to forget that transgenders are a very big mix of different types of people, all with their own ideas of what they want to do, and what they DON’T want to do.

Take me, no not literally you perv! Now, when I first started crossdressing, it was fun to see how far I could go. Getting in the car to go to a friends party and stuff like that was exciting, especially since I would wear little costumes! Then when I went out to the local night club with the girls it was a real hoot.

But as far as going out, really out like to the store, going for a drink, the restaurant, anything other than a party type of place, I really have no desire. To me, I love crossdressing for the fun of it, the little teasing I feel, and yes, feeling sexy. I do like to see how close I can make myself up to look as much like a girl as I can.

But I really don’t care if I look good enough to pass as a woman, or have the need to have people think I am a woman. Some crossdressers seem to have a real need to try to pass as a woman, a real need to look like a woman. Now, at some point you have to ask yourself if your a crossdresser or a transsexual.

I know some that call themselves a crossdresser, but from what they say they want, they sound like a transsexual to me. Anyway, my point is no one should try to push any crossdresser or any transgender into doing what they don’t feel they want. A lot of crossdressers just want to have a private moment alone crossdressed, and that’s it!

Or some love to do it for the fun, the feminine part. But still have no desire to be seen or want anyone to know, it’s just what they do to feel good. Then of course we have some that get a sexual high from it. They sure don’t want to drag that part of them into the grocery store!

So while we all want to be accepted and all that, we also have to accept that transgenders among ourselves can have much different ideas about what we want. Not all want to dress up and parade down the street with a bullhorn demanding equal rights. Some girls just wanta have fun!


  1. I agree with you, Bilinda. I am happy just dressing up at home. I do not want to try to push my agenda on anyone or to have someone else push theirs to me. Have a great week-end.


  2. Being crossdresser most of my life I find the most satisfaction is when I dress completely in normal femme clothing, decent makeup, and drive to a popular mall for the purpose of actually shopping for new outfits or essentials such as accessories, including heels.
    The satisfaction of my public appearances is when I take my time and honestlymange to add to my wardrobe. Conversing and receiving advice from the sales people or sometimes other femme shoppers combines to make my shopping both satisfactory in adding to my wardrobe and also just enjoying another day of being a public woman.

  3. I’ve beed a closet crossdresser for quite sometime ,and although I really enjoy all the feel of womens cloths. And DO relize that it will never ever be excepted fully anywhere ( and i live in new orleans). I just wish , the fashion world wouldnt give up on heels for guys . I do and love to wear heels in public but most of the time there 2-4 inch and hidden under long jeans or dress pants . mainly closed toed and look like loafers or solid color wedges . no one really notices .but when they do ! Women are very acceptive of it . guys just kind of stair and give funny looks . but I stand 5’8 and a very solid 185. another words I could never pull off crossdressing and being passable . lmao
    Have a great day Belinda and Thanks

  4. Love your page cf! There r so many nuances and degrees of comfort when it comes to crossdressers. Some of us r more comfortable being open about it than brothers. All should feel free to celebrate there femininity as they c fit. Girls like us have judgemental and closed minded people in society in general, we mustbe supportiveyr ttof each other within our sorority! I wad fortunate to have a very supportive and understanding sister. She discovered me wearing her clothes when I was ten yrs old. She was 15 and had just started wearing pretty undies which first caught my fancy. Rather than freaking out she simply suggested we go shopping to get me clothes of my own. Seems I had been stretching hers out of shape and she had known my secret for some time. Shorts after I was wearing panties fulltime. Also luv that you point out the differences between crossdressers, translate, and drag queens. While I do all my shopping in the girls stores I do not try to look like a woman. I do however appear o so girly! I draw stares, laughter, and sometimes ridicule from some but mostly I’m accepted in my community. Thank you so much for your insight

  5. yes i wear dressing sexy an going out n yes i even got a few dates

  6. I like to go out in public but I don’t think I look enough like a women to realy go in public. I have driven in town and around dress up and it was fun I love to meet outher crossdresser in my area. I think there are more crossdreasser out there like me then I realize. look for me on,pettie174! and,pettie174!