Crossdressers who come out to friends

Crossdressers coming out to friends

So your a crossdresser, or transvestite,¬†or Transgender, whatever. You have good friends you tell everything to, your like brothers, you would both give your lives for each other. But, do you take the big step of telling them about your cross dressing side? I’m sure many have thought of this, and came to different conclusions. It ranks up there with married cross dressers telling their wife, do they or not?

As always it depends on so many things, the type of friendship it is, the type of people they are, how much you could lose or gain. Now your little Bilinda here has told her two best friends, Kelly and Ashley. But they are a lesbian couple I live with, so that is soooo different than most! I also have a guy friend who lives in Vermont. He was that friend you have in High school, we grew up together, went camping, fishing, all that stuff.

Now the last time I was up there I kinda”tested” the waters, bringing up this and that, showing him pictures of me I said was from Halloween, stuff like that! From his reaction he would rather not know about it, so I let it go. He may or may not know now, but he just will not talk about it. So that brings something to mind, what do you have to gain?

Sometimes the gain we get from something is not worth the risk. Say your a crossdresser in Texas, out with 6 hunting buddies at a hunting camp, all getting smashed by the campfire. Everyone has to say something no one else knows. Bubba says “I got my 4X4 stuck and had a tow truck pull it out”. Scarface says “I once had my wife pull out a sliver instead of just cutting it out”.

Your turn comes: “I love putting on pink panties and fishnet stockings that match my high heels, then put on eye shadow with a #2 pencil and apply MAC foundation all over my moisturized face”!

Now, in case you don’t see it, the risk here kinda outweighs the gain, don’tcha think? If you say nothing your still good friends, nothing has changed, and you don’t have to get the doctor to reset your arm! But, there are times when maybe they kinda know, or they are the type that really understands. Perhaps they are gay, or you have a girl-friend that would be more understanding.

So it really comes down to each different situation. If it really means that much to you, and you think they would understand, go ahead. But if you have doubts, a life long friendship could get ruined; never mind the fact that they SHOULD be ok with it, real life is not like that. Plus the more people that know, the more chances someone you don’t want to know will find out. Of course, you can tell your Bilinda here anytime dear!

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