Crossdresser sex with women, wives and girlfriends

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Hi everyone! I am excited to show you a new crossdresser site for those who love women. It seems like so many crossdresser porn sites just show two guys going at it. What about the straight crossdressers? Or maybe your straight but are a bit bi-curious? Most crossdressers are middle age heterosexuals, with maybe a little bit of bi-curious in them. My polls bear that out.

Most crossdressers love those silky panties in all kinds of shapes and sizes, with stockings and pantyhose. Maybe your more into vintage lingerie, with full slips, garter belts and straps, lace trim, sissy petticoats and so much more. Lots of us raided our moms and sisters underwear drawer when we were younger and love those older, vintage types of panties and lingerie.

Many of us crossdressers have fantasies of having our wives and girlfriends dressing us up, maybe forcing us, or just having fun together. Some have crossdressing fantasies of aunties, mothers and sisters. Some want to be trained to be a sissygirl or sissyboy, fucked up the ass with a strap on by the wife or girlfriend, then have their cocks milked. Most love looking at women in panties and lingerie too.

Well Panty Club For Men was made by a husband and wife team. He is a crossdresser who is passionate about panties, lace, stockings and all those girlie trimmings we crossdressers love. His wife enjoys his crossdressing, and this site is all about exploring the erotic and sexual pleasure of looking at women in panties and lingerie, sissyboys having sex with women, role playing, strap on sex and yes, some transvestite sex with other crossdressers.

They have other women and crossdressers that make up their site, as well as themselves. They take their time with the camera so you have plenty of time to grab your dick and get off without hurrying. It’s a nice mix of crossdressers and women having fun together, with some femdom sex, role playing, cock milking, strap on sex and crossdressers with other crossdressers. Check out Panty Club For Men, I’m sure you’ll love it!

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crossdresser sex with women and wives

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