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So how did everyone’s weekend go? Fine I hope, stayed out of trouble! I have great news for you pantyhose fetish lovers. Lots of us crossdressers love pantyhose. Well I found an adult sponsor that has around 50 sites. Over 12 of them are about pantyhose fetish lovers! They have a crossdresser pantyhose site, lesbians, gays in pantyhose and of course hot babes in pantyhose getting banged by studs.

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It has over 100,000 quality pantyhose fetish pictures, over 10,000 high quality pantyhose fetish movies, and a total of 10 updates combined a day, every day! Plus you even get other types of crossdresser and other types of porn sites, even shemales porn sites! Why do they do that? Actually lots of these places do it. Since they have so many sites, they use that to get members to stay a member for a long time. So you get more porn than you can ever get bored with, and they get a life long member, win win!

Each pantyhose site has a different theme. One is crossdressers in pantyhose, one is hot lesbian chicks in silky pantyhose. Also they have a gay males in pantyhose, and even hot shemales in pantyhose!! There are also 2 or 3 sites with sexy babes in pantyhose getting hammered by studs, threesomes and more. Right now you can join and get over a dozen for the price of one. If your a crossdresser with a pantyhose fetish, this is the place to get your pantyhose fill!

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