Crossdresser panties on youtube

Hello everyone, I bet your glad it’s Friday! My week went by very fast, I have so much going on I never get enough done. I work every damn day, so the weekends just don’t mean much to me any more. But ONE day, it will all be worth it.

I thought I’d be good to myself today and post a quickie youtube here. This one was made by someone who makes panties and matching tops for crossdressers! They are very colorful and frilly. They may be a bit too frilly for some, a few look kind of old fashioned.

Also some that he/she models sure seems to have a lot of “space” in the front, what the heck is that! Doesn’t he know about “tucking”! Well anyway I thought they were a hoot, so go check it out. Now I’ll see if Ashley goes out again this weekend and comes home wasted!!! Have a good one everybody!

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