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crossdresser panty pantyhose fetish

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Happy hump day everyone! Don’t let that give you any ideas about your co-workers now!! Ok, today I wanted to talk about crossdressers and what some may call fetishes. Once again this is from a forum and I read an interest question on there. Basically when is crossdressing just a fetish, and when is it “really” crossdressing?

Now the picture above is a real fetish movies screen shot. That is from a fetish porn site about hot babes wearing pantyhose, panty, satin, latex and so on. Yes if you click on it, it takes you to that site, so check it out if you want, otherwise pay attention you crossdressing pervert!

Where do you draw the line between wearing something, or using something because it’s a fetish, and where are you just a crossdresser with no fetish? Like, say a guy crossdresses in a modest dress, pumps and so on. He puts on full makeup very nice, modest wig and can really pass. He goes out and does this because he really is a crossdresser who wants to pass as a woman.

Then you have another guy who just wants to wear panties around the house, maybe some stockings, and gets a sexual high from it. Or he dresses up in corsets and leather and loves to show his ass a lot, even taking pictures of him/her. Does this person just have a fetish, and the other is a real crossdresser?

Well that gets us back to all those damn labels again, and you know I hate those! Like, a lot of transsexuals who really want to become a female think of “just crossdressers” as men in dresses that demean real transsexuals who are trying to be taken seriously. Well, I understand that, but you can’t go around saying this group is flaky but mine is not!

Let’s take those crossdressers who wear those female mask, or wear those femskin female body suits. Most would say that that is a fetish, as you can’t go out in public with those, so it’s a fetish thing you do at home. Ok, I read books at home too, does that make books a fetish? Where do you draw the line at what is fetish and what is “really” crossdressing?

Let take another step up, and take crossdressers who like to dress up in those naughty costumes, like a maid or nurse. Now as you know, I love those, and spend most of my crossdressing time in those. A lot would say those are a fetish, and just for getting your jollies off around the house. But they are not “true” crossdressers.

I’m going to leave that alone for now, and just keep listing the other things that most consider just a fetish, then get to the “real” crossdressers. Men who dress up in pantyhose, panty, high heels, corsets and all that, but don’t bother with a dress and going out, are those just fetishes?

What if you wear something just for a sexual high? There are fetish porn sites that have women in pantyhose, panty and all that and they do have a lot of crossdressers who join those sites. I know because I happen to be friends with a very beautiful lady that has one of those sites. She says lots of her customers have said they are crossdressers.

But they are not “real” crossdressers, right? If you have a panty fetish, pantyhose fetish, satin fetish, latex fetish or whatnot, those are all just fetish porn stuff, and so your not a real crossdresser. Ok, so lets take a real crossdresser, and list exactly what they do to become a “real” crossdresser.

First, they shave their whole body. (Hair fetish). Then they put on body lotion and all that good stuff.(skin fetish). They slip on some,,,, oh my,,,, panties! (panty fetish). Follow that with some nice Pantyhose (pantyhose fetish). That silky fabric sure feels good huh? Feeling a little sexy? (sexual high fetish).

Next comes,,,what’s this,,, silicone breast!!!! You perverted old man you!!! (boob fetish). Oh I almost forgot, you taped yourself down there, right? (vagina fetish). Then we put on all that makeup, lipstick, blush and everything (makeup fetish). Next comes a wig (wig fetish). Finally we slip on some earrings, necklace and all that.

Oh yeah, your a real crossdresser now! One who is wearing most every type of fetish wear you can get on!! Seems to me the ones calling themselves real crossdressers have the most fetishes of all. OK, enough with the fetish calling. The fact is, anything a crossdresser does can be called a fetish. It IS a fetish.

Why does everyone think a fetish is bad? Every person on the earth has a fetish. Why do so many crossdressers want to say they are “better” than other CD’s? Me, I like to put on naughty, sexy outfits. I also do a full makeup, breast, shave and some other things. I don’t think I’m any better than the guy who want to just feel pantyhose on him, or panties.

And every crossdresser gets some sort of sexual high from it, don’t kid me buster! Just the very act of wanting to put anything feminine on is a sexual overture. So, there is no such thing as a “real” crossdresser, and one who just has a fetish. We all have different crossdressing levels, none of which are better or worst than others.

Crossdressing is a fetish, just like bikers who wear tough biker leather have a fetish. But don’t tell that to one while your crossdressed, lol! So relax, and enjoy your level of crossdressing. If you like watching babes in pantyhose and panty fetish wear, check out that movie in that picture. Otherwise enjoy your crossdressing fetish, however far you may go with it.

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