Luci May the UK transvestite in kinky bondage

transvestite luci may in vinyl tied up

HI everyone, hope the weekend went well. Here is a hot gallery from kinky transvestite Luci May! I actually talk to her every so often on a forum I belong to. This hot crossdresser has flaming red hair and a sexy body to go with that big TV cock she has. Luci has been very bad today, and her master has punished her by forcing her to wear a vinyl outfit, then tying her up.

She even gets a gag in her mouth to keep her moans down when her crossdresser dick gets pulled. She gets forced on her knees, maybe that gag with be replaced by a hot thick shaft! Luci May’s site is a great amateur transvestite site, based in the UK. She does everything in it, from posing as a pin up girl, to kinky bondage, fetish wear like pantyhose, corsets, panties and even full rubber suits!

She has hot transvestite and crossdresser sex with stud males, hot femdom females and even sexy shemales. Luci May has all kinds of kinky and perverted movies inside her transvestite porn site, check out all the kinky bondage and crossdresser sex at Luci May today!

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Bisexual transgenders / crossdressers

Bisexual transgenders and crossdressers

So, it’s time for me to get a post going to poke a few people, maybe make some post a few comments here. I noticed that on my polls, a lot of you are bisexual. I’m not sure how many I thought would be besexual, I never really gave it much thought. I suppose if your a transgender, depending on who you are, there can be a lot of confusion about your sexuality, duh!

Like, if your a transsexual you were born one sex but inside your the other. Or if your gay you like the same sex but are told you should like the opposite. Then with crossdressers there are so many different types. All the while you grow up with people telling you that you should like what deep inside you don’t agree with. Or that you should not dress that way, and on and on.

So, by the time your old enough to try to make a stand on your own, what the hell do you believe you are!! By that time many have had intimate relationships with both sex as you try to fit in with what people tell you is “normal”. So a lot may think they are bisexual just because they have had sex with both genders. Continue reading this post…

Transgenders / crossdressers & porn!

hot crossdresser porn

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Porn and transgenders / crossdressers, wow what a touchie subject! Lots of sides to this coin, lots of different opinions. So I thought I’d stir the pot a little and add my 2 cents, so pay attention! Now, porn has always been with us, always will be. Every type of race, gender, sex and yes all types of transgenders have porn made about them. I will not bother talking about the usual stuff like teen, big boobs, blonds and all that. I will just talk about the type of porn associated with transgenders.

Indeed, the different niches that the world of adult sites has made with trangenders is quite a list itself. We have crossdresser porn, shemales, tranny’s, T girls, ladyboys and a few more. Femdom, sissyboys, forced fem, oh hell I could go on and on. Then we have the clothing fetish niches that could fill a whole page. So like it or not, transgenders have lots of adult sites made for them.

Now, how do most transgenders feel about all this? Ask 10 of them and you’ll get 10 different answers. I think most transsexuals that are trying to fight for their rights and dignity look at the adult Ladyboy/shemale/tranny industry with disgust and dread. Here they are trying to be treated as equal and respect and along comes Ladyboy Sia moon in her little fishnets and skirt; “I’m a woman with something extra, see me do it all, join now!”. Continue reading this post…

Crossdressers who come out to friends

Crossdressers coming out to friends

So your a crossdresser, or transvestite, or Transgender, whatever. You have good friends you tell everything to, your like brothers, you would both give your lives for each other. But, do you take the big step of telling them about your cross dressing side? I’m sure many have thought of this, and came to different conclusions. It ranks up there with married cross dressers telling their wife, do they or not?

As always it depends on so many things, the type of friendship it is, the type of people they are, how much you could lose or gain. Now your little Bilinda here has told her two best friends, Kelly and Ashley. But they are a lesbian couple I live with, so that is soooo different than most! I also have a guy friend who lives in Vermont. He was that friend you have in High school, we grew up together, went camping, fishing, all that stuff.

Now the last time I was up there I kinda”tested” the waters, bringing up this and that, showing him pictures of me I said was from Halloween, stuff like that! From his reaction he would rather not know about it, so I let it go. He may or may not know now, but he just will not talk about it. So that brings something to mind, what do you have to gain? Continue reading this post…

Who wants to be a Transvestite!

transvestite picture Who wants to be a transvestite!? What the hell is Bilinda talking about now? Well let me tell you dear. The picture at the left, is it a picture of a transvestite, or a picture of a cross dresser? Well most people would say cross dresser. If you asked the guy in the picture I am pretty sure he would say so also. (well, gay too).

Now then, lets get a picture of something else. Lets picture Dr. Frank-N-Furter, from the rocky horror picture show. You HAVE seen that movie I am sure. Now, would you call him a transvestite or a cross dresser? AH HA!! No problem there, he’s a transvestite. But why, why is it so easy to say he is, and the other one is not?

Let’s be very honest here, it’s because most people picture a transvestite as some off the wall, kinky type with pink hair, blood red lipstick, corset, dog collar and thigh high stockings on. The point I am trying to make is, it seems like no one, even within the transgender community, wants to be called a transvestite. Continue reading this post…

Transgender label #2 Transvestite

transvestite corset Hi everyone! After I post this I’m going out on my back porch to grill some chicken marinated in Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, mmm mmmm. Then I’ll cut up a salad and finally bake some bizkits just in time for the girls to come home. Do they have it good or what!

Anyway last week I started a 3 part post about those pesky “labels” we all get shoved into, and how no one agrees or understands just what they all mean. Last week it was “cross dressers”. This week I want to tackle “Transvestites”. Continue reading this post…