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Hot tranny and crossdresser live sex shows

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I made a post a while back on here about webcam sites. They have their pros and cons. On the one hand it’s the closest you can get to actually having sex with someone on the net. I mean think of it; you can browse around the hundreds of hotties, pick out just the one that turns you on the most, then tell her just what you want her to do while you jack off, perfect!

So what’s the cons? Well, many sneak in hidden charges or try to upsell you to more stuff. That’s why I did not put in a webcam page on my site until I could find an honest one. I’m Live is one of the biggest webcam sites out there, and they are very honest. They let you browse around all he models for free, chatting to them and saying hi.

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Upgraded function for the CD/TV/TS dating page

How are you girls doing today? I’m finally getting settled back down after my move back to Florida. I wanted to tell you all about a change for the better I made in the transgender dating page in here. When I first made it, it was going to the crossdresser dating site. But of course we have many others here that are looking for others.

Some of us are looking for crossdressers or transvestites to date. But others here are looking for shemale dating, or want to date a transsexual. Still others would like to meet Asian ladyboys for dating. So I found out that this same dating service has a better section, made for all CD/TV/TS girls. This way you can find a crossdresser to date.

Or you can find a shemale dating girl. Others can find a hot Asian ladyboy for dating. So it appeals to all of the transgender girls that want to find others to date. Or even just to have some hot sex! Hell, nothing wrong with that right! So just go to the dating page here and click on the profiles to see the new format, or click on any up above to take you to it. Have fun dating!

Sex changes for kids?

Doctor gives sex changes for kids
Well here we go again, another Doctor that is doing something that some say is a blessing and others say he’s screwing people’s lives up. Dr Norman Spack, who opened his clinic in Boston Children’s Hospital last year, has patients from both the USA and the UK. He treats children as young as 7 to get them ready for a sex change.

What he does is prescribes drugs that delays the onset of puberty, giving them a few more years to try to come to terms with themselves about if they want to remain as the sex they were born as or not. He says this is totally reversible. This is for transgender kids who seem to think they identify as the opposite sex.

Then once they are teenagers they can continue with the therapy, which involves giving them non reversible hormones that affect their bodies like stunning their height or halting breast development. My, isn’t that neat! Or not, as many seem to think. Continue reading this post…

Transgender Jennifer Finney Boylan

Transgender Jennifer Boylan

So how did everyone’s weekend go? My friend canceled out at the last minute, so I did not go out. Hopefully this weekend we will kick up our skirts and have fun! You know, there are a lot of sad stories when it comes to transsexuals. So it’s nice to hear about a story where everything seems to be coming out well.

Jennifer Finney Boylan had been James Boylan while growing up in a big, well off family. But deep down James always knew he was different. Jennifer Boylan wrote a book about her experiences of growing up a boy while really being a woman. She is now a novelist and English professor at Colby College.

She has since become very well know in the transgender community, speaking out at a lot of places, writing books and even having several guest spots on talk shows. She is married to Deedie, a girl she met in college while still James. They seem to be working out things together, and have kids. Continue reading this post…

Bisexual transgenders / crossdressers

Bisexual transgenders and crossdressers

So, it’s time for me to get a post going to poke a few people, maybe make some post a few comments here. I noticed that on my polls, a lot of you are bisexual. I’m not sure how many I thought would be besexual, I never really gave it much thought. I suppose if your a transgender, depending on who you are, there can be a lot of confusion about your sexuality, duh!

Like, if your a transsexual you were born one sex but inside your the other. Or if your gay you like the same sex but are told you should like the opposite. Then with crossdressers there are so many different types. All the while you grow up with people telling you that you should like what deep inside you don’t agree with. Or that you should not dress that way, and on and on.

So, by the time your old enough to try to make a stand on your own, what the hell do you believe you are!! By that time many have had intimate relationships with both sex as you try to fit in with what people tell you is “normal”. So a lot may think they are bisexual just because they have had sex with both genders. Continue reading this post…

Transgender female mask

Sorry I did not post the other day, too much going on! I STILL have not heard from anyone about that uniform for Ashley. Don’t you care about the poor disappointed kids? I will find one, even if I have to make it myself. Anyways, speaking of hot looking babes, I came across this youtube video for female mask for transgenders and crossdressers.

Actually if you search on youtube for female mask you get quite a few. I picked this one because it really gives a close, detailed look at how a quality female mask can be. I wonder how many transgenders ever use a female mask? If you think you can put one on and become a hot babe that looks perfect, think again.

Yes, the mask can be very lifelike and very beautiful. But, they are still just a mask. That means no moving facial expressions. Kind of like a Hollywood blond, ya know? So you can look nice, but after only a few minutes of looking at someone wearing one you can tell it’s a mask. No mouth movement, no eyebrow movement, nothing. Just as plastic as a politician! Continue reading this post…

UK Paratrooper has sex change

Paratrooper has sex change
TGIF!!! There, I got that right out of they way! Yes another week, another small paycheck, real small. I guess those deluxe, super soft, ultra realistic silicon boobs will have to wait another week or two. Maybe I can at least buy another sexy pair of stockings. When you have two small dogs that love to jump on your legs stockings don’t last long.

I have no idea why, but for some reason I had a lot of clicks on my google ads the other day! Was it something I said? Well if you were one of them thank you, but I have no idea why so many did that!? I hope you have something fun to do for the weekend, I will just work on my new site more. I sure am getting boring huh?

Well I saw a new article today and wanted to share it. Now, a transsexual getting a sex change is not really news anymore. But in this case it was a UK paratrooper that had served in combat in Afghanistan. She had been married for 10 years and had never, ever told anyone. Now she is a very pretty woman and much happier. Below is the news article with a link to the video of her. Continue reading this post…

Ladyboys of Asia

hot ladyboy girl
Hi everyone, yes I’m going to say it, it’s TGIF! I think the week went by rather fast actually. Today my post is about Asian ladyboys. I am sure you all know what a ladyboy is, but just in case, a ladyboy is a pre op transsexual. I’m not sure how or why Asian transsexuals are called ladyboys, but just about everyone calls them that.

Here in the western world a transsexual is called a,,transsexual. Or a transgendered person. Of course a redneck calls them something I can’t print here! Now in the sex trade, a transsexual pre op is called a shemale, tranny or T girl. But Asian transsexuals are called ladyboys both in the sex trade and in the general public.

There is a difference in how Asian ladyboys are raised there and how a transsexual is raised here. In the western world being a transsexual is still a very hush hush thing. Transsexuals have to hide who they are and have a very difficult time. There are some who go into the sex trade and become very open about it, but not many. Asian ladyboys on the other hand are different. Continue reading this post…