Mislabeled transgenders?

mislabeled transgenders

Happy hump day girls! I’ve been burning the bikini wax on both ends lately! So many things I want to do but so little time. Ah, well, today I thought I’d write something that might stir some people up, but hey I’m use to that! As I’ve said before, I belong to several transgender forums. I also check each day on some transgender news sites.

I figure if I’m writing a blog about transgenders, I should know what the hell I’m talking about. For some reason I still don’t but hey I try. Well anyway I noticed something on a crossdresser blog that made me think, several things I noticed actually. Now, some of us transgenders are very picky about who goes where under all those labels we get stuck under.

It’s like, some people are fine with just “this box is for screws, this one is for nuts, and this one is for bolts.” To them that’s really simple, cut and dried. But others will say “oh no, you need to have a box for the long screws, one for the short screws, one for the brown screws, one for the new screws” and so on!!!! Continue reading this post…

Crossdressers going out in public

crossdressers who go out

Ok ladies, how many of you that are crossdressers go out? By out I mean that you crossdress, at least a bit, in public. Maybe you dress all up and go out to the nightclub, or perhaps just the local pub? Maybe you dress up and go out shopping. Maybe you like to dress up when you go food shopping!

If you do, I think that’s great. You have the balls, so to speak, to go out there the way you want to and damn what anyone thinks. So, do you think that all crossdressers should? Do you think that it should be the goal of every crossdresser to work your way up to going out in public crossdressed, or to try to pass as a girl?

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot of crosdressers that try to push, maybe a little too much, other crossdressers to go out in public. Some seem to forget that transgenders are a very big mix of different types of people, all with their own ideas of what they want to do, and what they DON’T want to do. Continue reading this post…

Transgenders, religion & race

transgenders, religon and race

Hi everyone! I’m feeling better today, you can only mope so long before you have to get back out there. So, I thought I’d write about something I heard on a new forum I just joined. One of the members asked if we thought there was any differences between how many people are transgenders, or in this case crossdressers, as far as their race and religion.

Now I had a post before on if there was more crossdressers in the UK than in the USA. But I never thought about if there where more or less for different religions or race. There has never been any study like that, so no one knows. But here’s what I think. Now, I’m not much of a religious person, so I’m hazy on all the rules, ok?

But I’m pretty sure just about all religions look down on people who crossdress or are gay or want to change sex. So, that means anyone who has a religion and is a transgender knows they are bending the rules of the religion they are in. Uh,, just like everyone else who is in that religion. Have you every met ANYONE who follows their religion right to the book? Continue reading this post…

Transgender pregnant man?

NO I don’t have a picture for this post, I had no idea what to get for one. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the guy who is pregnant? At first I thought it was another tabloid story. But I kept hearing about it and decided to dig deeper.

As is often the case, there is a LOT more to the story. The man in question is Thomas Beatie, who is married and lives in Oregon, USA. Now most who have heard this say “how does a man get pregnant, how can he”? Well, he used to be a she!

It turns out he was born a female by the name of Tracy. Later on when he decided he really was a man and had sex reassignment surgery, he elected to keep his female reproductive organs. I had no idea you could even do that! But if you feel you are a man, why would you want to keep your most female parts? Continue reading this post…

Pakistan grants sex change

Well I don’t seem to have gotten many votes yesterday for joining my forum. I did get an uplifting comment from dear Lynne-Anne. I guess it’s just going to be you and me on that board dear! I know, forums take a long time to get going.

I belong to quite a few of them, great way to make contacts and learn about things. The forum I installed even has a chat room function. Not sure I want to use that, but others might so I’ll use it. Anyway back to todays post!

For the very first time Pakistan has let a woman have a sex change. They have never allowed a sex change, heck they don’t allow anything over there! So I was quite surprised to read that. Now, notice is was a woman wanting to become a guy.

You can bet that if it was a male wanting to become a female they would have thrown him in jail or killed him. Since they seem to think males are so much more important than females they figured “hey, she’s smart, wanting to be like us males, let her do it”.

But if it was the the other way they would have thought ” damn pervert, off with his head”! Anyway you can read the whole article HERE. That’s all I have for today, sorry. I have to get my forum in shape for me and Lynne-Anne to use!

Transgender forum members

Hello all! I feel much better now that I know that damn virus was kicked out of my blogs. I keep hearing from people saying how they have been infected with it. I know it’s hard to believe, but some people have 600 or more blogs out there!

Imagine trying to fix all those. Well anyway, I have downloaded the new transgender forum and installed it to this blog. You can’t see it yet because I don’t have the link up in the pages. I have to go in and make all the categories and everything.

It’s hard to figure out what categories should be there. I’ve been looking at other transgender forums, and some go way to far. They have like 30 categories! Heck I have no idea how many people will even join, which brings me to the poll above. Continue reading this post…

Homosexual brothers and sisters

gay brothers and sisters

You KNOW what today is right? It’s,,,,,,,, TGIF! Yes, school is out for the adults, most anyways. So now you can relax and figure out how your going to make that little paycheck stretch until next week! I suppose for those of you who work on the weekends my habit of saying TGIF every Friday is annoying as hell.

But don’t worry, I’ll have you know most of my life I had weekend jobs, at night too. So I know all about how it feels to see everyone relaxing on the weekend while you work. I’m still working on the weekends, just at home. 😉

Today I wanted to go over something I have always suspected, but never been able to prove. I have known a LOT of gays and lesbians. So I feel a little bit qualified to have my say about things relating to homosexuals. One thing I’ve always been amazed at is how many siblings are gay. Continue reading this post…

God, religion and transgenders

god and transgenders
Well, the title of this post is a sure fire way to get lots of different opinions! I decided to write a post on god, religion and transgenders because of some post that my friend Ashley has made in her own blog. Soooo many get so touchie and pissed off if you don’t agree with how they believe.

Of course transgenders have always had it bad when it comes to religion. So many faiths think that anyone who is a transgender must be living in sin, and that they choose to be that way. Yes, we all love to have people look down on us and make us feel like outsiders, why else would we be this way!

There is far, far too much to go into here in one post, so I will just pick one that seems very hypocritical to me. Mind you I don’t know much about religion, but the more I do the more I see no one else really does either! So I guess I qualify to say something, so here it goes, just one little thing that most whites will get real steamed about (yes I’m a whitey). Continue reading this post…

Transgender Jennifer Finney Boylan

Transgender Jennifer Boylan

So how did everyone’s weekend go? My friend canceled out at the last minute, so I did not go out. Hopefully this weekend we will kick up our skirts and have fun! You know, there are a lot of sad stories when it comes to transsexuals. So it’s nice to hear about a story where everything seems to be coming out well.

Jennifer Finney Boylan had been James Boylan while growing up in a big, well off family. But deep down James always knew he was different. Jennifer Boylan wrote a book about her experiences of growing up a boy while really being a woman. She is now a novelist and English professor at Colby College.

She has since become very well know in the transgender community, speaking out at a lot of places, writing books and even having several guest spots on talk shows. She is married to Deedie, a girl she met in college while still James. They seem to be working out things together, and have kids. Continue reading this post…

UK Paratrooper has sex change

Paratrooper has sex change
TGIF!!! There, I got that right out of they way! Yes another week, another small paycheck, real small. I guess those deluxe, super soft, ultra realistic silicon boobs will have to wait another week or two. Maybe I can at least buy another sexy pair of stockings. When you have two small dogs that love to jump on your legs stockings don’t last long.

I have no idea why, but for some reason I had a lot of clicks on my google ads the other day! Was it something I said? Well if you were one of them thank you, but I have no idea why so many did that!? I hope you have something fun to do for the weekend, I will just work on my new site more. I sure am getting boring huh?

Well I saw a new article today and wanted to share it. Now, a transsexual getting a sex change is not really news anymore. But in this case it was a UK paratrooper that had served in combat in Afghanistan. She had been married for 10 years and had never, ever told anyone. Now she is a very pretty woman and much happier. Below is the news article with a link to the video of her. Continue reading this post…