Bilinda’s computer kicked the bucket, new post soon!

I am so sorry I have not updated the site for a few days, but on Monday my computer crashed!! Oh what a mess this is. It turns out it was the motherboard, so I might as well get a new computer. I’m using a friends computer for now. Tomorrow I will have normal post on here, I promise! It’s just been a nightmare getting everything  back to normal. So check for new hot post tomorrow on here!

Crossdresser transformation you tube video

Hello everyone, damn it has been cold down here in Florida! Yeah I know, all you girls up north are crying a river for me,,,not! The whole country has been cold, even down here. I guess it will warm back up in a few days, so I can go out in a t shirt again! Well I have a cool youtube video today I wanted to share with you all.

I’ve seen my share of crossdressers that think they look hot and sexy when,,, well,,, they are not! I’m no Pamela Anderson myself, and I know that. So it’s nice to see girls that had a transformation and look very sexy! In this you tube video there are many different girls that have had a transformation. Now, some are just made up very well.

While others have actually had some surgery done. It does not tell you what ones had what done to themselves. But they all look fantastic, very sexy and very feminine. Also the outfits some wear are to die for! Damn I wish I had lots more money to spend on clothes. Anyway take a look at this you tube crossdresser transformation video, it really shows you how far you can go! 😉

A few Christmas day jokes,,

Christmas jokes

Merry Christmas everyone! I thought since it was Christmas day I’d post some very funny Christmas jokes. Well, I’m not sure if they are all really funny, but they ARE Christmas jokes. So if you need a lift go ahead and read them, and have a great Christmas day!

Bubba Claus’s Best Pick-up Lines

Hey Babe, when was the last time you had a really good sleigh?

Care to see my twelve inch elf?

I’ve got something special in the sack just for you!

Ever make it with a fat guy with a whip?

I know when you’ve been bad or good so let’s skip the small talk,

Some of my favorite toys run on batteries….

Interested in seeing the North Pole? (Well, that’s what Mrs. Claus
calls it…)

I see you when you’re sleeping and you don’t wear any underwear,
do you?

Screw the “nice” list. I’ve got you on my “nice AND naughty” list!

Ho-Ho-How’d you like to shake like a bowl of jelly?

I put the ‘scroo’ in ‘scrooge!

I’ve got something you can hang a wreath on!

One hour with me honey and you’ll see flyin’ reindeer!

That is NO candy cane in my pocket, and I’m glad to see you.

Uh-yeah, that’s right. I’m Kenny Rogers.

I got your stocking stuffer right here!

Giddy-up over here and say ‘Howdy’ to your fat, bearded cowboy of

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Don’t get the crossdresser Holiday blues

Holiday blues

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. But the true is, many don’t look forward to the whole Christmas season. It’s not because of the actual reason for Christmas, it’s because of all the other stuff that gets shoved in your face during this time of year. Many travel to family for the Hoidays, and for some that’s reason enough to get the blues!

For those in big family’s, you get the whole “so are we going to your parents house or mine Christmas day” fight. Then when you get there you have to pretend you really look forward to cousin Larry and his darling 4 kids, or try to remember all the distant relatives who say hi and you don’t have a clue who they are.

This year is even more trying for most, as the economy crunch has really cut into people’s lives. Many who thought they were going to be celebrating Christmas in their new home are now crammed in a tiny apt. and looking for work. Never mind who’s at fault, the point is it can really get you down. Everyone wants to give their kids what they want for Christmas. Continue reading this post…

Stiletto Girl, high heel shoe and lingerie fetish site

high heel stockings pantyhose and lingerie fetish porn site

All right all you high heel, stockings, pantyhose and lingerie fetish lovers, I’ve got a brand new porn site that will make your panties wet! Hell, if your a crossdresser then you must be a high heel and stocking fetish lover, right? Well this brand new site was made just for you crossdresser lingerie fetish, stocking fetish, high heel fetish and pantyhose fetish lovers.

high heel stockings pantyhose and lingerie fetish porn site

It’s called Stiletto Girl, and it has very sexy, leggy women posing and walking around in the most “to die for” high heels and stockings, along with pantyhose, garter belts and frilly lace lingerie and panties. It’s a crossdressers high heel and stockings fetish lovers dream come true! It’s not really fair to call it a porn site, because the truth is they show no nudity at all. It’s a true shoe fetish lovers site, along with all the other stockings and lingerie fetish.

They now have around 40 very beautiful girls, in over 18,000 high resolution pictures and over 300 high heel shoe fetish videos! I’ve seen the tour, and it’s a high class act all the way. Sexy women showing off the best stilettos, high heels, pumps and many more hot shoe fetish styles. All while wearing the sexiest stockings, garters, pantyhose, lingerie and panty fetish styles.

The only trouble with this site will be you want to know where the hell they got all those hot shoes and stockings! They have a very large tour so you really see what they have, and boy they have a lot! They really know what high heel shoe fetish lovers want, as well as stockings, pantyhose and lingerie fetish lovers. So go here and click the tour link to see the great big tour, or click on any picture to see that gallery.

Click here for the high heel and stockings fetish tour of Stiletto Girl!

high heel stockings pantyhose and lingerie fetish porn site

Have a fun crossdresser Thanksgiving!

happy crossdresser Thanksgiving

NO, don’t try to click on the picture of the turkey, it’s not going to take you to some weird turkey porn site!! I just wanted to make a nice post today wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving, even if it is a few days early. Now for those in the UK and elsewhere you could care less, but I assume most of my readers are from the USA. So what have we got to be thankful for, huh?

A lot of you are caught up in this recession, yes I’m going to call it what it is, and it’s a recession. Many of you have lost your jobs, or are afraid of losing your job, or have gotten downsized. Some have lost their homes, or again are afraid they will. Not much seems to really be very good news these days.

But there is always something to be thankful for, that goes with the law I often refer to as “everything is relative”. What many consider bad news and having to put up with, others would switch places with you in a minute. I’ve been in both spots, having a lot and also being damn near homeless. So what do I have to be thankful for?

Well, I am very thankful I can finally work full time online at home. Not only is it great to work all day in your sweats and a Tshirt, it saves a lot of money. No gas to burn, no lunches to make, no candy and crap you always seem to buy to get you through the day. I’m not making much, In fact I’m at that risky stage where I can just barely make enough to get by without a “regular” job.

But I am hopeful within a few more months I will be doing much better. I am also thankful for being back in Florida. I HATE the cold up north, so I really am glad I can be where it’s warm for the winter. I have a few good friends, and that’s all I need. Someday I’ll meet that person of my dreams, until then I’ll do ok. So have a fun and safe Thanksgiving everyone, and be thankful for what you do have!

New live webcam sex show page added

Hi everyone, I have great news for you today! I use to have a webcam sex page on here. But, I found out that most webcam places really try to weasel a lot of extra money out of you with hidden upsells and all that crap. Since I did not want my readers to get ripped off, I took it down until I could find a webcam place that seemed honest.

Well,,, it took a lot of digging, but I finally found a webcam sex site that has lots of hot transvestites, crossdressers, shemales and ladyboys. It also is an honest company that tells you upfront what the hell your going to get charged. I’m sure you have seen those webcam ads that say join up for FREE! Those are complete, total BULL SHIT! Yes, you can join by giving them all your information and not get charged.

BUT, all you can do is say hi to the performers briefly, that’s it. If you want to see them naked or even talk to them for a while, you have to “go private” with them. THAT’S when you start getting charged per minute. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, you pay and get a real live webcam sex show, something you can’t get anywhere else. You even pick just the one that turns you on the most.

You tell them just what you want them to do and everything. Great, it’s a good deal for your money. But most try to say it’s free, when it’s not. OR they have sneaky up-sells, stupid boxes that are pre-checked and if you don’t uncheck them you get a charge, that’s crap! Well this one is honest, telling you up front what you will be charged, and they don’t try to sneak upsells on you.

It’s called I’m Live, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Now you know from me that it is about the only honest webcam sex site out there. Once you go to the live webcam sex page here, you will see profiles of girls that are online right now. If you click on any you will be taken to that girls profile page. Then if you want to talk and see her do a sex show you just follow the links to sign up.

Yes they will ask for your credit card number, as ALL of them will if you want to see anything. You will not be charged anything at that time, or try to get pushed into paying for some extra crap. THEN you can browse all the girls you want, check out their profile and even chat a bit with them, all free. If you find one you like and want to go into a private room, you push a link on your screen.

Once you do you will be told just how much a minute you will be charged, and you can see a little clock. So you always know exactly how much your going to get charged, and you can stop the show at any time. So, it’s a good deal, and nothing is more hotter than seeing a real live tranny of your dreams. You can even browse all the girls, from teens, lesbians, babes and whatever else. So check it out and see what live webcam sex shows are all about!

Click here for the webcam sex show page!

Upgraded function for the CD/TV/TS dating page

How are you girls doing today? I’m finally getting settled back down after my move back to Florida. I wanted to tell you all about a change for the better I made in the transgender dating page in here. When I first made it, it was going to the crossdresser dating site. But of course we have many others here that are looking for others.

Some of us are looking for crossdressers or transvestites to date. But others here are looking for shemale dating, or want to date a transsexual. Still others would like to meet Asian ladyboys for dating. So I found out that this same dating service has a better section, made for all CD/TV/TS girls. This way you can find a crossdresser to date.

Or you can find a shemale dating girl. Others can find a hot Asian ladyboy for dating. So it appeals to all of the transgender girls that want to find others to date. Or even just to have some hot sex! Hell, nothing wrong with that right! So just go to the dating page here and click on the profiles to see the new format, or click on any up above to take you to it. Have fun dating!

Bilinda’s take on the whole money mess

money mess!

Another weekend is here, too bad most don’t have any money to enjoy it huh! Well I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents about this whole wall street meltdown. Many of you may not agree with me, but that’s what’s nice about having your own blog, you can say whatever you want! Feel free to leave a comment expressing your own views.

I think everyone can agree that most of the reason for the whole mess is the housing prices. Prices for houses kept going up and up. Investors bought many and flipped them for profit. Banks made it easy to buy these houses, even if on paper it did not look like they could afford them. Over the past year people that normally could not afford these big houses moved into them.

Then the bubble went POP! The prices of houses went down, and down. The investors who had all those houses could not sell them. The people that could not afford the houses but got the loan anyway suddenly said “hey, we really CAN’T afford this house!” So then the big foreclosure race was on. Banks got the houses back, but could not sell them. The loans they gave turned to mud, or to those politically incorrect, shit. Continue reading this post…

femskin silicone suit now in cheetah style!

cheetah femskin silicone catsuitfemskin silicone female body suit
Well I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and got through Monday ok. Today I thought I’d check back on the femskin people and see what new goodies they have for us crossdressing gals! If you don’t know what a femskin is, you’ve been hiding out too much girl! I made a post about this fantastic suit a while back, CLICK HERE to see it and find out what it’s all about.

Well it turns out that they now have a femskin suit made to look sort of like a cheetah, weeee! Just think of slipping into a skin tight femskin suit and feeling like your a female-cheetah hybrid. Makes me think of those kinky creatures you saw on that sci-fi show Farscape! They made it looking damn sexy too, as the pictures show.

It has a tan/yellow/brown color with black spots on the sides and back. The front, or stomach area is white with pink nipples and pink vagina. It is one piece and seamless for a real life look. You use breast forms or breast implants (not the surgical kind) under the breast so you can make them as big or small as you want. You can get an insertable rectum for the ass area. Continue reading this post…