New crossdresser heels, clothes, toys & more in the mall!

crossdresser bootscrossdresser heels

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Hi everyone! Today I wanted to let you know about 3 brand new sections in the crossdresser shopping mall! I found a great place called All Heels For Men that has sexy high heels and kinky fetish boots for us crossdressing gals. They have them in sizes up to 17, so yes you will find a size that fits you, something that is always a problem elsewhere.

crossdresser garterbeltcrossdresser makeup

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Next we have a place called Cross-Dress. They have a great variety of everything we crossdressers need. Wigs, makeup, gaffs, clothes, breast forms, hormones, jewelry, lingerie, shoes and lots of other great items. You can find just about everything here, so it’s nice to be able to get so much in one place, make sure you check it out!

strap-on dildocrossdresser butt plug

Click here for hot sex toys, costumes and DVD’s!

Finally we have a great full sex toy store! I’ve been meaning to add one, and I finally have. It has hundreds of every type of sex toys, bondage devices, DVD’s, strap-ons, whips and much more inside. So make sure you check it out and find all the cool toys you can’t live without!

Click here to see everything at the crossdresser shopping mall!

Makeup tips with crossdresser Camilla youtube video

Hi everyone! I have not had a good post about makeup on here for a while, so I thought I’d share a good crossdresser makeup video from youtube. This crossdresser is Camilla, and when she gets done transforming herself she looks so damn sexy! I must say I’ve never used the types of makeup she is using in this video.

Which just goes to show you should always be open to new ideas and new makeup. I’ll have to give these tips a try sometime. So, enjoy this crossdresser makeup youtube video by Camilla!

Crossdresser transformation you tube video

Hello everyone, damn it has been cold down here in Florida! Yeah I know, all you girls up north are crying a river for me,,,not! The whole country has been cold, even down here. I guess it will warm back up in a few days, so I can go out in a t shirt again! Well I have a cool youtube video today I wanted to share with you all.

I’ve seen my share of crossdressers that think they look hot and sexy when,,, well,,, they are not! I’m no Pamela Anderson myself, and I know that. So it’s nice to see girls that had a transformation and look very sexy! In this you tube video there are many different girls that have had a transformation. Now, some are just made up very well.

While others have actually had some surgery done. It does not tell you what ones had what done to themselves. But they all look fantastic, very sexy and very feminine. Also the outfits some wear are to die for! Damn I wish I had lots more money to spend on clothes. Anyway take a look at this you tube crossdresser transformation video, it really shows you how far you can go! 😉

Femskin, full body silicone female body suit makers interview

silicone female body suitfemskin female suit

Click here for the silicone transgender prosthetics at Femskin!

HI everyone, I have an exclusive article for you all today! First I need to fill anyone in who may not know what Femskin is. Femskin is the name of a company that makes silicone prosthetics for the transgender community. They make a full body female silicone suit, as well as breast forms, hip pads, vagina’s and more, even special effect silicone products.

They are based in Wildwood, Florida. It’s a small town with lots of country roads about one hour north of Orlando. I live in Orlando, so I decided to contact them and try to get an interview with them. It turns out that they have never let anyone see their operation before. They are working on new products and ready to expand, so they agreed to let me come out and see what they are all about!

I happened to pick a day that was raining out, not a great day but it was the only one I could schedule. I was surprised how rural the area was. I really had no idea what to expect, it’s not often I go to see some guys that make silicone boobs and suits! Finally I turned into the place on my directions. Continue reading this post…

femskin silicone suit now in cheetah style!

cheetah femskin silicone catsuitfemskin silicone female body suit
Well I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and got through Monday ok. Today I thought I’d check back on the femskin people and see what new goodies they have for us crossdressing gals! If you don’t know what a femskin is, you’ve been hiding out too much girl! I made a post about this fantastic suit a while back, CLICK HERE to see it and find out what it’s all about.

Well it turns out that they now have a femskin suit made to look sort of like a cheetah, weeee! Just think of slipping into a skin tight femskin suit and feeling like your a female-cheetah hybrid. Makes me think of those kinky creatures you saw on that sci-fi show Farscape! They made it looking damn sexy too, as the pictures show.

It has a tan/yellow/brown color with black spots on the sides and back. The front, or stomach area is white with pink nipples and pink vagina. It is one piece and seamless for a real life look. You use breast forms or breast implants (not the surgical kind) under the breast so you can make them as big or small as you want. You can get an insertable rectum for the ass area. Continue reading this post…

To shave or not to shave for crossdressers?

Crossdressers who shave and those who don't

To shave or not to shave, THAT is the question! I’ve talked about shaving before but I’ll revisit this subject. Now when I say shave I don’t mean your face, I mean your body. For some crossdressers it’s a no brainer, if you crossdress you shave it all. If your a crossdresser that actually goes out dressed and tries to pass then of course you have to.

But there are lots of crossdressers that don’t shave their body, or they only shave parts of their body. The reasons are as different as the people that crossdress. Some guys are just casual crossdressers that just like the feel of woman’s clothes on them. Maybe they just dress up around the house. In that case they don’t do the whole wig, makeup and all that.

Others are married or have a girlfriend and their partner does not know about their crossdressing. So they don’t want to shave for fear of what their mate will think or say. Others have a damn lot of hair all over, and shaving would be a real weed whacker job! So it’s just too much work for them. Still others do shave their legs, but don’t do the old bikini wax job, or shave their balls! Continue reading this post…

Full body female skin silicone suit

full body female skin silicone suit for crossdressers

So how did your weekend go? Mine was boring, work and more work. The girls did not go out partying, so Ashley was no fun! Well i thought I’d show you this neat suit to perk up your Monday! There is a company in Florida, where I am, that now makes full body silicone female suits for transgenders / crossdressers.

The picture above is a female impersonator wearing one of the female suits. No that’s not real, take a close look, down, way down, between the legs, see, it’s not real! But it’s about as close to real as any silicone suit can be. They make these female suits out of a rubber like silicone that is very stretchy.

Once you slip into it, the silicone molds to your body. They even make very soft breast forms to go into the suit, and even hip and butt silicone slabs that stick to your body so it fills out the suit just right. The vagina part is hand painted, and the suit comes in different skin tones! Continue reading this post…

Fake crossdresser / transgender vagina’s revisited

crossdresser vagina So how did your weekend go dear? Have any fun, go to any parties? Me and the girls had a lot of fun, but I’ll tell you all about it some other day. I was checking my stats in my blog today. A while back I made a post about where to get fake vagina’s for transgenders and crossdressers. (yes I know those two words are the same but I want to use both for the search function).

If you want to read it again or are looking for information about fake vagina’s you can find it HERE. Well anyway I looked at all the search strings that people have used to find my little site here. I was surprised to find almost 50 different search strings for fake vagina’s!

My, I know everyone likes real vagina’s, but fake ones! Well, I do have one of those,,,,uh,,,well that’s not what these people are looking for! These people were looking for realistic vagina’s made for transgenders and crossdressers. So lets see some of the search words, shall we? Continue reading this post…

Male to female transformation

Hello everyone, hope your weekend went lovely. Me, umm, I’ll tell you tomorrow. Right now it’s late, trying to write this for today before going to bed. So yes, I’m going to cheat and show another youtube video.

BUT this one is great! It shows the before and after pictures of like 20 different crossdressers. It’s amazing what some good makeup tricks can do. So watch it and enjoy. Maybe one day you can be as good as them!

Grae Phillips lip pumper

Well it’s been a while since I had anything on my favorite crossdresser, Grae Phillips! She has came out with a device for making your lips full and plump. My, we all need that, men’s lips are so thin. In this Grae Phillips youtube video she demonstrates how to use it.

Then she shows how to apply lipstick to make your lips even more full looking. Grae Phillips sure knows a lot of tricks to make us look like better girls. Now if only they could make a pump to increase our boobs to a size 38D!!

She says your lips will stay full like that for hours, so it would be a cool thing if your going out for an evening or something. So check out this youtube video of Grae Phillips and see what you can get out of it. I wonder if you could use it on,,,, uh,, never mind!!